Mobile and Web Development

Mobile and web development include all website, mobile application, e-commerce, m-commerce and web portal solutions as well as effective integration with social media platforms.

The internet and a digital strategy are fast becoming the benchmark for any business in serving customers and fulfilling the promise of a value proposition. EAI’s competency in mobile and web solutions offer our customers well thought out solutions to any custom requirements. Not only are we able to build solutions that integrate seamlessly with all forms of social media, we are also well positioned to advise you on the latest trends, best practices and strategies to maximise the return from your digital assets. Lastly, in combination with our back-end processing capabilities we are able to deliver solutions which handle any commercial requirements demanded by your business processes.

Custom development of:
• Websites
• Portals
• Mobile apps

Custom development of websites, portals and mobile apps. We deliver custom integration to fit your needs.

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Products are packaged solutions that feature specific functionally. We currently offer three product solutions, Integrated Mobile & Web, Cloud Order Management and Real-Time Production Testing.


The Enablers, Enitiative and Hotspot OpenSpace assist you in developing and growing your business.