Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise application integration enables the functional systems in your company to be combined, transforming them into a powerful enterprise application. These solutions can either replace or work with any existing ERP solution. We achieve this through the implementation of a powerful back-end service bus that can orchestrate, audit, transform and mediate all business transaction flows in addition to managing relevant errors.

Information technology is probably the fastest changing aspect of the modern business environment. This often results in the fact that over time, many of our customers acquire and implement a multitude of fit-for-purpose systems and software. Enterprise integration’s primary purpose is to allow these systems to fulfil their intended use, yet at the same time share and extract information enabling holistic decision making and a more efficient business process. Enterprise integration ensures that multiple data sets can be shared, transformed and optimised to share a common language, without the necessity for costly large scale custom development.

• System interconnectedness
• Data interchange and data exchange
• Distributed computing environment
• Custom software for critical functions
• Filling gaps in existing software

Features include: System interconnectedness, data interchange, distributed computing environment, data exchange and more that allow for faster information distribution.

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Products are packaged solutions that feature specific functionally. We currently offer three product solutions, Integrated Mobile & Web, Cloud Order Management and Real-Time Production Testing.


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