EAI SA Services include professional resources offering your business additional, specialised skills, over and above your internal personnel. These include Consulting Services, Custom Development, Enterprise Application Integration and Mobile and Web Development.

Professional Consulting Services

Professional services add value when ordinary skill sets are simply not enough. Our software and environment consultants can provide additional muscle to your project for short or long periods depending on the complexity of the project. Consulting services can vary in nature and are defined largely by the customer’s unique requirements. Whether providing input at a strategic or operational level, our consulting resources are equipped with a well-balanced combination of technical skill and experience on large complex projects. More information

Custom Development

Custom Development involves building bespoke components into your company’s operation, improving overall performance. Few very businesses nowadays run without a requirement for systems. In many cases, customers have a multitude of off-the-shelf systems which occasionally need that something extra which allows for greater efficiency. More information

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise application integration enables the functional systems in your company to be combined, transforming them into a powerful enterprise application. These solutions can either replace or work with any existing ERP solution. We achieve this through the implementation of a powerful back-end service bus that can orchestrate, audit, transform and mediate all business transaction flows in addition to managing relevant errors. More information

Mobile and Web Development

Mobile and web development include all website, mobile application, e-commerce, m-commerce and web portal solutions as well as effective integration with social media platforms. More information


Products are packaged solutions that feature specific functionally. We currently offer three product solutions, Integrated Mobile & Web, Cloud Order Management and Real-Time Production Testing.


The Enablers, Enitiative and Hotspot OpenSpace assist you in developing and growing your business.