EAI SA Products are packaged solutions that feature specific functionally. We currently offer three product platforms and solutions, Integrated Mobile and Web, Cloud Order-Management and Real-Time Production Testing.

Cloud Order-Management Platform

ElementSUITE is a cloud order-management solution that can plug and play into any business process. It features a configurable order request services that a customer can customise to represent his specific product catalogue. Features include a high-performance order-processing engine performing real-time, business-rule validation and integration to existing interfaces. More information

Integrated Mobile and Web Platform

SMARTonline is an integrated mobile and web platform that combines the power of smart devices and online applications and platforms. The solution features amongst others, content and customer relationship management, order submission and business intelligence reporting. The product targets businesses who would like to leverage the internet to communicate and interact with their specific clients. More information

Education Management Platform

SMARTeducate is a comprehensive learning and education management platform designed to facilitate the distribution of study material to mobile and web devices in real time, This will enable your facilitators to receive learners’ feedback anytime and anywhere. The entire system is run and managed in a Cloud environment, This means your training facilitators are able to manage their own curriculum, without the need for assistance from the IT department. More information

Real-Time Production Testing

AI TEST is a real-time production testing solution that identifies your daily operations and transactions. The solution ensures complete regression testing before implementing new releases into an environment and helps track production “glitches” or anomalies as they happen. More information


Services include professional resources offering your business additional, specialised skills, over and above your internal personnel. These include Consulting Services, Custom Development, Enterprise Application Integration and Mobile and Web Development.


The Enablers, Enitiative and Hotspot OpenSpace assist you in developing and growing your business.