The Enablers, Enitiative and Hotspot OpenSpace assist you in developing and growing your business. The initiative enabler offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to create or grow their business. Hotspot OpenSpace offers flexible office space to the traveling professional.

Interactive Business Workshop

Enitiative is an interactive business administration workshop enabling you to write a modern business plan that can be used to successfully roll out your new entrepreneurial venture or grow your existing business. Be inspired, collaborate with peers and learn to take charge and create a sustainable business. More information

Professional Office Space

The Hotspot OpenSpace enabler allows you to work in a professional environment that is in close proximity to main roads and an airport, as well as meet with your clients and perform your daily duties. This flexible, stylish and modern office space is available for short or long-term rental, and features high-speed internet, work stations, executive chairs, printing facilities, as well as a boardroom and reception service, in a secure environment. More information


Services include professional resources offering your business additional, specialised skills, over and above your internal personnel. These include Consulting Services, Custom Development, Enterprise Application Integration and Mobile and Web Development.


Products are packaged solutions that feature specific functionally. We currently offer three product solutions, Integrated Mobile & Web, Cloud Order Management and Real-Time Production Testing.