Custom Development

Custom Development involves building bespoke components into your company’s operation, improving overall performance. Few very businesses nowadays run without a requirement for systems. In many cases, customers have a multitude of off-the-shelf systems. These occasionally need that something extra which allows for greater efficiency.

Our custom development offering provides just that, an additional piece of functionality which can significantly enhance a business process. Additionally we also offer bespoke design and development. We provide our customer with an exact realisation of what they want to achieve and have not been able to source as an off-the-shelf product.

Custom software for critical functions such as human resources management, inventory management, content management, customer management and to help fill gaps in existing software.

Benefit: We ensure these services are tailor-made solutions to fit your specific needs.

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Products are packaged solutions that feature specific functionally. We currently offer three product solutions, Integrated Mobile and Web, Cloud Order-Management and Real-Time Production Testing.


The Enablers, Enitiative and Hotspot OpenSpace assist you in developing and growing your business.