ICT business solutions to breakdown barriers

The purpose of ICT solutions in business is being challenged daily due to business models that require fast go-to-market strategies. In line with our mission to develop products for the future, EAI South Africa is proud to announce a complete offering that responds to these business challenges.

In response to:
SME business training: Enitiative is an […]

Is your business responsive?

One of the latest challenges that business must respond to comes from Google, the internet search giant that has made it their business to organise the world’s content.

Currently, when searching for anything on the Internet, all we have to do is  type a few keywords into the search bar and voila, it quickly and […]

Business Plan

Don’t quit now!
Benjamin Franklin arguably quoted the oldest business principle during the late 1700s when he said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” In the world of business, this principle is becoming more critical each year to survive the challenges of a complex and modern business environment.
The question however is, what […]

What to expect in March

According to Gartner published information, the top 10 Technology Trends that we can expect during 2015 include the following:
1: Mobile Device Diversity and Management
2: Mobile Apps and Applications
3: The Internet of Everything
4: Hybrid Cloud and IT as a Service Broker
5: Cloud/Client Architecture
6: The Era of Personal Cloud
7: Software Defined Anything
8: Web-Scale IT
9: Smart Machines
10: […]

January message from EAI South Africa!

Happy New Year from all of us at EAI South Africa. I hope you and your family had a blessed festive season and will enjoy an extraordinary 2015.
Last year, I took the opportunity to do my MBA, in Stellenbosch, full time. Although it was terrifying to leave the company during that time, it was in […]

Where is your client right now and how do you reach them?

We have asked ourselves these questions countless times when trying to identify the correct value proposition for our product’s target audience.
When looking for an answer to these questions, possibilities that came to mind were: they could be at work, with their family or friends, in a meeting, on the golf course, mountain bike track […]