EAI South Africa

EAI South Africa is an innovative ICT solutions (information and communications technology) company. We are motivated by creating sustainable success for our customers. At EAI South Africa we specialise in a broad spectrum of different products and services ranging from Enterprise Application Integration to Mobile and Web Solutions. Founded in 2005, EAI South Africa is a proud Level 2 BBBEE contributor. Additionally, our team is certified in various top-of-the-line technologies.

With more than 10 years’ experience of delivering exceptional products and services to the corporate, mid corporate and SME domains, our team has implemented numerous successful projects for our clients, a track record we are very proud of.

WHY YOU WILL BENEFIT: Professional, competent staff delivering against your needs • Cost-saving by eliminating unnecessary resources and time constraints • We are reliable and act in your project’s best interests • Through continuous teamwork you become a co-creator of the solution • Sustainable products and services increasing the return on investment of your ICT spend • Indisputable quality in what we offer • Extraordinary results aspiring toward greater efficiency • Efficiency through agility and flexibility.

The EAI South Africa delivery methodology

The EAI South Africa delivery methodology is illustrated and summarised in our Delivery Cube. Our understanding and experience of the requirements in each of these delivery layers, ensures that EAI South Africa will deliver according to the desired expectation.

Starting from the bottom, any ICT solution requires infrastructure from where it can operate. This includes the setup of physical hardware, operating system, application software, database and security. EAI South Africa uses various cloud solutions to achieve this by leveraging on-site, hybrid and off-site options.

Once the necessary infrastructure is available, systems can be implemented to fulfill various functional requirements. This may include accounting, CRM, ordering and content management to name a few. EAI South Africa enables business to leverage these functional systems by integrating them into a service bus that will transform them into enterprise applications.

With all these applications integrated into our high powered service bus, EAI South Africa enables the company to process real-time service requests which include mediation, security, business rule validation, auditing, sequencing, transformation and error management requirements.

All of the above usually requires a portal interface where various business processes can be triggered. EAI South Africa has the competency to build and deliver responsive portals that can be accessed from most mobile devices and web browsers. This ensures your business can operate continuously and keep up with key resources that might be on the move.

A solid presentation layer targets your consumers and ensures continuous engagement. EAI South Africa delivers mobile and web presentation layers that ensure your consumers can get in touch with your business conveniently from wherever they are and at any time.

The final layer addresses the look and feel of the delivery. EAI South Africa’s skilled resources will ensure all touch point layers will be customised with the appropriate corporate identity whilst simultaneously ensuring a world class user experience not to be forgotten..

With a sound understanding of all these layers, EAI South Africa ensures a holistic delivery of all your requirements which not only add value to your business processes, but also make them a pleasure to use for stakeholders.

The EAI South Africa delivery methodology

Our Offering

Our core competency in System Integration enables us to transform any ordinary system into an extraordinary solution for your business. Additionally, we have extensive experience in Order Management and the processing of large volumes of transactions in high availability environments coupled with 24x7 support services where required.

Team up now with EAI South Africa’s software for the future and let us help you break away from the competition by delivering extraordinary results.

EAI South Africa offers a comprehensive list of Services, Products and Enablers.


The Services offering include Professional Consulting Services, Custom Development, Enterprise Application Integration and Mobile & Web Development.

• Professional Consulting Services
• Custom Development
• Enterprise Application Integration
• Mobile & Web Development


EAI South Africa offers four products which are packaged solutions that feature specific functionally.

• Cloud Order Management Solution - ElementSUITE
• Integrated Mobile & Web Platform - SMARTonline
• Education Management System - SMARTeducate
• Real-Time Production Testing - AI TEST


Enablers assist you in developing and growing your business in an innovative manner.

• Interactive Business Workshop - Enitiative
• Professional Office Space - Hotspot OpenSpace